Robert was born in Chicagoland to British immigrants, and has lived in the deep south, Berkeley, and the Los Angeles area. He now lives in Hollywood.

A MIDI editor program, discovered at age 14, launched a lifelong obsession with dissecting and understanding music. Robert used the editor to open MIDI files of his favorite songs, studying the mechanics of the melodies, rhythms, and chords. Since then, he has become a self-taught composer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, singer, and recording engineer, all in the pursuit of bringing bigger musical ideas to life.

Robert's obsession is exploring new melodies, learning new playing styles that span decades and continents, and creating expressive music with atmosphere. He seeks to create music that looks forward and backward- music that is reverent of tradition and of all the teaching of the past, while combining ideas and moving them forward.

Robert studied Cognitive Science at UC Berkeley. But music defined his college experience: he took a music minor; studied classical, jazz, and pop theory in class; studied music in Ghana, West Africa for a semester; and played in jazz bands and musical theatre productions throughout college.

Robert is lucky to have had rich and varied musical opportunities since college. He is currently being commissioned to write, arrange, and orchestrate music for new musicals in development; has created original soundtracks for video games and an NGO's informational videos; has produced the soundtrack for an original theatrical production; has organized benefit concerts for nonprofits and coordinated with musicians to play his original songs; and has written, produced, and recorded dozens of original songs and tunes for fun.

Robert works out of 36 Degree Sound's professional recording studio in Burbank, which is owned by Randy Kirk, formerly of the band Spain. He lives in Hollywood with his girlfriend Alexandra, a working ceramic artist.