music Producer


Robert Ruby specializes in classic, innovative music production.

He is a multi-instrumentalist with broad knowledge of music history and theory. His production elevates music with energetic, layered arrangements. Coupled with his professional recording space, top-of-the-line recording gear, and diverse collection of instruments, he can turn any musical idea into a beautiful reality.

He specializes in indie, rock, pop, classic rock and pop, folk, country, bluegrass, blues, jazz, Americana, and roots music.


My self-recorded and self-produced EP is a good sample of my work, and my many styles.



Robert plays acoustic and electric guitar, bass, drums, piano, organ/keys, mandolin, ukulele, accordion, bouzouki, hand percussion, toy piano, and more. With his professionally-treated music studio, he can build instrumentals, beats, and rhythm sections from scratch, or provide overdubs on recordings to give them life and depth.

He will happily commission any musical talent he cannot provide, such as male or female vocals, virtuoso instrument playing, string or orchestral sections, and brass players, and can record them in his studio and integrate their playing on tracks.

Robert is also an accomplished songwriter who has written dozens of songs in many genres. He can help finish songs, including creating arrangements and providing instrumental melodies, to create full productions out of your songs.