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Robert Ruby's music is classy and catchy. His sound is a unique and memorable mixture of melodic soul, blues, rock, and golden age Hollywood soundtracks. For fans of Motown, Lou Reed, Ramones, Japanese city-pop, and any extravagant high-energy sounds! By day, Robert is a multi-instrumentalist freelance songwriter, music producer, and composer. He runs a small recording studio near downtown Los Angeles.


To promote this new album, Robert plans to perform on as many stages in as many places is possible, either solo or with a band. He’s played at the Silverlake Lounge, Pig ‘N Whistle in Hollywood, and Cinema Bar in Culver City. He’d love to play anywhere around Southern California.

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Robert's new album, Tinseltown, captures his unique and exciting vision. The album features bombastic arrangements, lifted by brass and strings sections and infectious classic pop melodies galore. The album's themes revolve around the starry-eyed hope of "making it" in Hollywood, and the terror of crashing and burning. Robert wrote, played, sang, and engineered almost every note on the album. The only outside credits are the irreplaceable Soichiro Tanabe on drums and various brass and string players.


"That was really, really incredible."

-the nicest thing an audience member has ever said to me

"AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!I'm CRYING!I don't think I can express how much I like this!"

-Andy Madin, creator of Nippon Marathon, about my original theme song for the game

Robert has been obsessed with the way music works for over half his life. He was born in Chicago to British parents, and grew up all over America, including seven years in the deep south. He internalized all his confusing experiences and started fiddling with music to stay sane.

Gradually, Robert taught himself how songs were arranged by reverse-engineering his favorites. He taught himself how to sing and play guitar, bass, piano, keyboards, and drums. By college he was writing songs and recording all the parts in his dorm. He studied cognitive science in Berkeley, but he knew before he had finished that he wouldn't be satisfied unless he followed his passion for music.

Robert has been lucky to work on a variety of passionate projects, including the soundtrack to Nippon Marathon, released for all major game consoles in Dec 2018; writing and producing two original songs for the short film Am I See You, dir by Daryl Della; producing a holiday song for popular YouTuber Blake Grigsby; being the lead composer on an original musical in development; co-hosting a new open mic night in Downtown LA and helping to launch it; organizing and performing in charity concerts to support good causes; and producing songs for dozens of aspiring songwriters.

Robert lives in Hollywood and loves to cook, jog, and spend quality time with friends in his meager spare time.